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2 Factors that Students look before getting an Admission in a College/University

2 Factors that Students look before getting an Admission in a College/University

There are many ways in which the life of a student is very similar to the ones studying anywhere in the world. I am sure that most of my readers will agree with me on the issue that students face difficulties in their studies but when they pass out and they look back, they laugh at what they were thinking as difficult was nothing at all.

Students looking for admission in any academic institute of their choice have some ideas about the place. This can be because of what they have in mind right form the school days that their future university-to-be will be like this or that. Or they idealize a university’s campus after seeing it in real or on the Internet/Television. While this is absolutely not a criteria for how good a university is inters of offering great educational facilities, there are many ways in which it is an important one in the eyes of many students.

If you are applying for a prestigious engineering university in the Los Angeles, CA or a caribbean medical university in the St. Kitts and Nevis, while you consider many different aspects, there are some that are looked upon as important by some students. Let me offer you a little insight on this aspect now in this blog.

  1. A Grand Campus

Students who are have studied in high school in a relatively small campus have bigger dreams for their future. There are many ways in which they look to take admission in a college/university which has a grand campus spread on acres. Of course this doesn’t translate into anything about the quality of education in that institute, it can termed more to a childhood dream of students rather than anything else.

There are many things you can relate to a grand campus that some students look forward to. This includes a lush green environment around the campus building, lots of open spaces for students to relax, huge cafeteria and sports facilities like Baseball ground and Basketball court. While the sporting facility is really a necessity, there are many ways in which it can change the decision of a student. Let’s see how.

Some colleges and universities offer students the admission on sports quota, i.e. students who have immaculate records and history in the sporting arena can get an admission in a university even if their GPA is less than what is normally required. So a university with lots of sporting facilities can be the first choice for such students.

  1. Universities in Small Cities and Towns

If you have ever applied to a college or university earlier, you will know this fact very well that usually universities in big cities around the world are not that spacious enough especially the ones which are established in the last 50 years or so. This is because the real estate value has surged dramatically in the last century. Universities like Princeton, Harvard and Oxford are all established for over 2-3 centuries ago and hence are located in the middle of the town and on hundreds of acres.

There are many ways in which small towns and cities are cited as university towns because of the fact that they offer students an environment which is ideal for studies. Students look to take advantage of this aspect and take admission in such universities. Educational institutes in countries and regions like the Caribbean also offer spacious campuses with grand look and feel of the buildings and lush green lawns. This is one aspect why students like very much about all the medical universities and other colleges/universities in the Caribbean.

Final Word

I am certain that the above mentioned blog is one which will give you some food for thought as there are many aspects mentioned here which are usually looked upon by students. A grand campus is one factor that lures students who look for open spaces and recreational/sports facilities in a college/university.

If you think you can add something of substantial value to this blog or want to give your feedback, then please use the comments section below.


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