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3 Places You Should Go To in Los Angeles

3 Places You Should Go To in Los Angeles

Going on a holiday to the City of Angeles – Los Angeles, California? You should know where you want to go. If you’re unsure, we’ll give you three of the best places to go to when you’re on vacation in LA.

Of course, these are not the only places that you can go to, but they’re a good start.

Griffith Observatory

If you and your friends fancy some science and stargazing, then Griffith Observatory is the place to go. You can go there day or night, and you can still find things that you can do no matter what time of the day.

Griffith Observatory is home to several science exhibits, one of which is the iconic Tesla Coil. The Tesla Coil is a coil of electrical conductive material that was designed by Nicola Tesla to amplify the amount of power generated by a normal 220V outlet by hundreds of times.

If you’re interested in astronomy, you could also treat yourself to a planetarium exhibit as well. When night comes, you can look at the stars above with the 12-inch refracting telescope in the observatory… or the artificial stars of the city below the hill.

Huntington Botanical Garden

It’s not always that an affluent person leaves a lot of things to the community after his death. Henry E. Huntington surely left behind a lot for Los Angeles’ residents to have fun in, and tourists can partake of these as well.

In the Huntington Botanical garden, one can enjoy a huge open space that’s full of exotic plants, shrubs, trees and peace. In fact, the garden itself to Huntington’s collection of art and literature, including landscaped gardens that are based on the Japanese style for a taste of the Orient in Los Angeles car rental.

You could also find a rare copy of the Gutenberg Bible on display in the library too. Make sure you got a couple of days to spare, because the estate has a lot of offerings that one should take the time in enjoying.

Venice Canals

Inspired by the actual city in Italy, this area of Los Angeles sports three huge canals surrounded by architectural gems in the style of Los Angeles. This place is like a melting pot of Europe and United States.

If you own a small boat, you can bring it along with you and sail through the canals like you would in the Venetian canals in Italy.

Right next to the canals, of course, are Abbot Kinney, Venice Boardwalk and the beach that makes Los Angeles — or perhaps the whole of California — is popular for.

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