Home Entertainment 4D Singapore Lotto – One of the most Popular Lotto’s in Singapore

4D Singapore Lotto – One of the most Popular Lotto’s in Singapore

4D Singapore Lotto - One of the most Popular Lotto's in Singapore

In Singapore, the most famous online lottery is 4D. By its name, it is evident that there are four digits in this lottery. However, their alternative versions are also available in Malaysia and Germany under different names. To make this game a little tricker, they had changed its format to a complex one, thus making it different from any simple lottery out there. This changed format does impact the prizes that winners can claim. In this lottery, the player has to choose any number ranging between 0000 – 9999. As well as the number of winning sets are 23.


We’ll be wondering what the origin of this fabulous game was. Its history takes us back to May 1986, where its first ticket had been sold. At the same time, it was the first time when the Singapore pool introduced the computerized system for accepting bets. The turf club had stood first to introduce 4D at first in the back 1966 with the prize of 2,000 Singapore dollars with a bet of 1 dollar. Later the Singapore pool took over and made this game three times a week. The results are often announced just after the draw ends and available on Rush results. 4D draws take place on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 6:30 (SGT)

How to play

Mechanics to play this game is quite more comfortable as a person has to choose any number between 0000 – 9999 with a bet of 1 dollar, 23 winners, are chosen respectively. As well they have been divided into five categories of different prizes as a minimum to maximum. Tickets for this game can be bought by Singapore pools as well as there are 300 retail venues or by their official website, this has made it easier for phone users.

So how does the winner is calculated?

Singapore 4D holds the maximum prize of 2,000 Singapore dollars, but it is given to only one person. However, there is also one thing that should be kept in mind that, Amounts are dependent on the bet amount that the player has chosen and the type of bet itself. There are many possibilities in this game that can be seen with the amount players can put in.

As the bet amount increases, it will result in a higher price. Due to the complexity of this game, it is very difficult to guess the most top prize that can be carried out in this game. The odds of winning the 2nd and 3rd prize is the same as the 1st prize that it is 1 in 10,000. But don’t worry, the odds of winning any other prizes in this game is 1 in 435.

Singapore 4D results are available on the Rush results after the official draw, the following are the results are the recent draw:

  • 1st prize had taken by 8851
  • 2nd prize goes to 3028
  • 3rd prize goes to 2305

Rest the starters as well as the consolations, which are a total of 20.

The highest price ever in the history of Singapore 4D was given to a man in his 40s in September 2005, which was about 14 million Singapore dollars.


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