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A-Z knowledge about scoliosis

A-Z knowledge about scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition that affects the neuromuscular system although from the face of it, it looks like it’s a bone condition and people often tend to ignore it. There is a slight change in the spine alignment which makes it curved. This is just one of the symptoms of scoliosis. Since there are so many faucets to this problem, it makes it difficult for the health care department to detect this problem.

Who can get affected by it?

Children between the age 10 to 14 are usually affected with scoliosis. When the spine curves till 15 or 50 degrees then it can be termed as scoliosis. This curve is gradual and occurs at the spine, attacking different parts and can tilt the pelvis as well.

It’s the 21st century now and this condition is now better understood and more progressive. We are more educated about scoliosis and doctors are now better at treating the symptoms than ever before.

When does it happen?

Scoliosis is a sensory problem. It occurs whenever there is a miscommunication between the input and the output of two different parts of the body. There is a motor sensory input but there is no output from the upper part to the lower, also known as the trunk. The reason why doctors treating scoliosis need to balance the brain chemicals in a nutritional way and retrain the brain and the muscles in an effective manner is because it has been proven that this can reduce the progression of scoliosis and get the curvature to reduce, to get it back to its original shape. This is why you should opt for Scoliosis treatment hospital in india. The reason why scoliosis occurs is because the brain is essentially responsible for the spine. The brain side tracks the body and doesn’t give correct messages about which body part to move, it’s position and how much strength is required for each activity.

So what exactly happens when you’re affected by scoliosis?

When a person is affected by scoliosis, patients lose the curvature of their necks and their heads looks like it’s perpetually forward. Talking about the sideways curve of the spine, it gets crooked greater than 10 degrees. This causes the normal shape of the spine to look like it’s completely flat and the ribcage also twists in this process. When you look at a scoliosis curve from the side or the front, you’ll see that the area where the spine is supposed to look curved, is flat. If you look at the spine from the top you’ll see that it looks completely twisted at places where there is not supposed to be any twists.

Why can scoliosis go undetected?

Many children in India face this problem and it occurs in many rural and slum areas where children are born with this disease due to inadequacies on the mother’s behalf during pregnancy. It starts out very slow so usually people can’t detect it until it’s bad. This shows how important it is to educate the villagers and people in slums so that they can effectively get rid of this problem.


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