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Despite the name, when woman get painful blisters called cold sores. Mainly it creates by a virus which is not the kind that makes persons sniffles and sneeze. Instead it occurred because of the viruses of herpes simplex. It can be specified by the many symptoms. Cold sores also named fever blisters, can show up anywhere in body. It is appear on the outside of mouth and lips, but it may be grown on nose, cheeks, or fingers. It stays in body for 7 to 10 days and can spread to other people until it crust completely.


As it is occurred for the herpes simplex virus the doctor must simple examine the cold sore or may take a culture from it. The doctor may also test the blood for the antibodies to the virus. A positive antibody test proves that person has the virus. It does not indicate whether or not the virus is active or has acquired it. Although cold sores particularly occur in pregnancy it has no account to affect the unborn child. Nonetheless, cold sores are uncomfortable and infections so it is advisable to treat. It is life threatening infection for a new-born.


Many creams are there for the disease. Cold sores during pregnancy are often treated by tables. Cream is a specific antiviral medicine. This is appertain to the affected area. It is considered safe at all stages of pregnancy. Mainly it is not prevent by the medicines but person can avoid spicy or acidic food for prevent the pain. It is much effects the body parts then doctors prescribe an anaesthetic gel to alleviate pain or an antiviral oral medication to speed healing or prevent recurrence. This oral medications are more effective when started within first 48 hours.


Infections caused by the cold sores virus are often mild and usually heal without the need for treatment. Mainly in people with damaged immune system, such as people undergoing chemotherapy. Many secondary infection of the cold sore virus that affects the parts of body and the eyes particularly. People with some skin problems as atopic eczema who suffer an eruption of cold sores can develop more severe skin eruptions when it becomes badly infected and require oral or intravenous antibiotics. Encephalitis can be treated by injecting antiviral drugs, such as acyclovir, into the venis.


If it grows by carelessness then can prevent by using some methods. The best approach to treating a cold sore to attack it early before it can even see. Cold sores dangerous during pregnancy but it is prevented by many way.

Wash hands after touching any cold sores.

Don’t contact with eyes after touching the cold sores, it may lead to blindness if left untreated.

Don’t touch genitals after touching it. It could develop genitals herpes. Replace toothbrush.

Who has the sores don’t use there utensils, towel, or razors.

Apply sunscreen to the face and lips before prolonged exposure to the sun.

Replace the lipsticks and lip balms.


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