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Chickening Out: Building a Mobile Chicken Coop


There are many stores such as Australian Chicken Coops that sell quality chicken coops at reasonable prices. There are also a bunch of creative minds who have combined their experiences in raising chickens with ideas for building a chicken coop that is efficient and multifunctional.

There is no doubt about the logic behind using a portable chicken coop. It makes sense to design Australian Chicken Coops that are more manageable and convenient to maintain. Attaching wheels to the equation isn’t out of the question as well. Let us learn about a mobile chicken coop and how it is built.

Distinguishing Regular Chicken Coops to Portable Ones

A typical chicken coop is a stationary construction on a designated area in a farm or yard. It is mainly used for harvesting chicken eggs and provides food and shelter for the chickens. Some chicken coops use removable flooring panels that catch chicken poop for easier cleaning. On the other hand, portable chicken coops make cleaning it more practical and less time-consuming. All you could do is to look for a cleaner spot across the yard and transfer the coop from where it was previously.

The Principle Behind a Mobile Chicken Coop

There is a higher function behind the practicability of a moving chicken coop than just avoiding bad odor. Farmers commonly use tractors in trimming and maintaining their grasslands. On smaller pieces of land, a tractor may not be a pleasing sight to you or your neighbor and may not have a place in your property in the first place.

With mobile chicken coops, you can easily apply the same function as what the tractor is used for by moving the coop every other day. Not only do the chickens nibble on grass weeds and insects, but it also fertilizes and nourishes the grass with poop. In simple terms, you have a lawn service that is free of charge. At the same time, your chickens reward you with a basket of eggs.

Building Your Chicken Coop on Wheels

Constructing your mobile chicken coop is as simple as adding a pair of wheels on it. There are a few modifications that you should consider before placing the wheels:

  • There shouldn’t be flooring. This allows the poop of the chickens to fertilize the ground directly and eat off the bugs that are destroying your grass.
  • The base of the mobile chicken coop is best shaped in equal proportions like a square.
  • The upper half or top of the coop should be covered, while the lower half is fenced with chicken wire.
  • The chickens should have a perching area.

Mobile chicken coops are also called chicken tractors. A guy by the name Justin Rhodes even dubbed his portable chicken coop as the “ChickShaw.” There are concrete advantages behind upgrading your chicken coop to a mobile one. What’s the holdup? Gear up and bring your unique ideas for building a chicken coop to life.


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