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How To Download The Horror Video Game ‘Hello Neighbor’

How To Download The Horror Video Game ‘Hello Neighbor’

If you have coveted entering your neighbor’s house for years but haven’t got the chance, download the horror video game ‘Hello Neighbor’ and watch the mystery unfold. In this game, you are going to hack into your neighbor’s home to discover the atrocious mysteries he has kept away from you for years. You aren’t playing alone but with a futuristic AI, that’s sensitive and smart.

The entry to the neighbor’s house is closed besides having super sensitive cameras. There are exit shortcuts, which only the neighbor knows. The game was published by TinyBuild. The start of the game shows you in your own home. While in the home, you discover some funny activities in your neighbor’s basement from which you start thinking of hacking to his house to discover the secrets.  It’s unwelcomed visit since you do it against the norms.

You must use all the available tools to knock all obstacles down including the dodge and walls for you to successfully access the neighbor’s basement. You have to be really quick in your movements otherwise you won’t make it to the neighbor’s basement. And as you know, if the neighbor catches you, they will send you back home, which translates to a futile effort.

PC Requirements for Hello Neighbor Download

Hello neighbor is surely fun and intriguing. It came into existence in 2017 and has been doing really good. The developer set certain PC requirements for anyone to have a successful hello neighbor game download. These are the key PC requirements.

  • A Windows-enabled PC with Windows 7 or higher
  • A PC with an i5 processor or higher
  • More than 6GB of Ram and not less than 2 GB of free internal spacing.
  • GTX 770 or bigger GPU
  • High stereo sound card

Precautions when Downloading Hello Neighbor

Provided your PC has met all the outlined requirements, you can download and play this intriguing and horrifying horror video game. However, downloading the game won’t be a walk in the park for all. There are set guidelines that should be followed for a successful hello neighbor download. Here are the key precautions to observe.

  • Look out for genuine sites that have established-reputation providing video games for download.
  • Make sure to install the most effective Antivirus program. Confirm to be sure it’s the latest version.
  • Be sure you have a strong internet connection that doesn’t disconnect over and over again otherwise you will spend several hours downloading a file that could have only taken you a few minutes.
  • Don’t try downloading the game if your PC doesn’t meet the outlined requirements. The game file will definitely download but won’t install.


Start uncovering mysteries and secrets your neighbor has hidden in their basement right from the comfort of your study table or bed by downloading and installing the most intriguing horror video game ‘hello neighbor’. It’s one of the most enjoyable games you are sure to have fun playing. Make sure your PC meets all the requirements before you start the download. You have to be careful to avoid introducing viruses to your PC from a simple download.


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