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Mother of bride dressing etiquettes

Mother of bride dressing etiquettes

Weddings these days follow a very few traditions and to have it done by the traditions is whatmost of the people prefer. There are also a few dressing etiquettes that people love to follow if they want to have a perfectly organized wedding. Being a mother of bride here are a few dressing etiquettes that you can follow for your daughter’s wedding and you can follow them to make sure you are playing your part in the wedding in the respect of etiquettes

Mother of bride dress should be bought first

According to the traditional norms it is important for the mother if bride to buy a dress first and then inform the mother of groom but this seems like an unrealistic approach so you can in fact just coordinate with the other of groom when it comes to buying the dress and in this way you both can bond and can also help each other buying a dress. So instead of going up in the exact traditional way you can just coordinate with her and be polite about this.

Colour of dress

Usually, when you go looking for the mother of the bride dresses you will find out that most of the dresses are in neutral shades but there are also some of the colour etiquettes that a mother bride must follow. She should not wear white, cream, ivory, and champagne coloursthesecolours are of the bride and you can also not wear the black colour as it represents mourning and neither too bright like red or bright pink because they are too flashy and seems inappropriate according to your age and role in the wedding. By matching the dress colour with bridesmaids it doesn’t mean you have to match it all but in fact, you can choose the other colour in the same tone.

Bride’s approval

Since most of the approvals are from the bride and especially when it is the bride’s side this also means that the bride’s approval is necessary for the mother of bride dress. This may also help you a lot because she knows more about fashion and how she wants you to look at her wedding. If you are a plus size woman and when looking for the plus size mother of the bride dresses you can ask her opinion as she will know which type of dresses look best on you and how they will make you look smarter and elegant.

Buy something decent

Being the mother of bride even if you are quite young you have to look like a mom and if you are wearing something too flashy it will make you look quite the opposite so buy something decent for your daughter’s big day.

Buy dress early

Buying a dress early is very important because finding a dress is quite a struggle and you would not want your daughter worrying with your dress instead of her wedding in the last hours. So finding a dress as early as possible is important.


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