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Quick Guide: What to do when caught drunk driving

Quick Guide: What to do when caught drunk driving

Getting yourself caught drink driving could mean facing harsh penalties in the law, depending on the amount of alcohol found in your system at that time. This is an unfortunate circumstance to every person who drives, some are lucky enough not to get caught while others are caught by chance. Nevertheless, even if you have a valid reason to drive while drunk an offense is still an offense no matter the circumstance because the law is the law no matter how harsh it is.

What happens if you get caught?

Once the officer will suspect you f being drunk, you will undergo a roadside breath test, if you test positive you will be taken to the nearest police station for further testing.

If further testing reveals blood alcohol concentration over the limit, then that is the time you will be charged with the offense and be release. You will receive a notice of advice as to when you will need to appear in court to have your case heard and receive a verdict.

Finding the right Attorney to help you

Under any circumstance, if you have been charged already with a drink driving offense, it might be best to find an experienced traffic lawyer to represent you and assist you in your case. It will be the job of the lawyer to inform you about the possible penalties you will face as well as your available defenses. There are reliable drink drive solicitors or lawyers that you can ask help from, be sure to check out their website for more information.

Settle for lenient offenses by showing a clean record

The penalties for drink driving vary from time to time depending on the circumstances, you can either face a mandatory disqualification period of at least six months, or as much as five years for high range drinking, especially if there was an accident involved. You could also face fines and a potential prison sentence.

There are remedies that you can lessen the penalty or even get you out of the charges and dismiss the case. One thing to do is to prove that you have a clean driving record with no history of traffic offenses. This will help you get more lenient penalties.

Check if the police followed the prescribed procedure

For the evidence of police officers to be admissible in court, it is required that they follow a certain procedure. One way to protect yourself from the charge is to prove that the police were not able to follow the rules when they conducted the test, if that happens you can request to withdraw the charges or have it dismissed if the battle already reached the court. Let your lawyers know if the officer’s testes you more than two hours after you were driving, this could mean that the evidence is inadmissible.

While it is important to follow these tips once you get caught in this situation, it is still best to contact your lawyer first thing once you get caught drink driving. If you need help right now or is looking for a reliable drink driving lawyer to help you, you can always contact drink driving solicitor, or check their website and email for more information.


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