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The key to nailing the perfect jumpsuit look!

The key to nailing the perfect jumpsuit look!

Jumpsuits are by far the most comfortable outfit to wear on any given day and at any time of the day… they are super comfortable, do not require much of an effort to get dressed, are effortless to carry out, and perfect for vacation, daily wear, work wear or just casually on a nice sunday morning brunch! But the most difficult part is to find that perfect designer jumpsuit that comes within your range and matches up with your desire to find that ideal jumpsuit! Shopping online or offline, finding the perfect outfit becomes a task when you are far from sorted about what you want, what you are looking for, and what would suit you the most. Knowing your body type is of utmost importance when it comes to choosing the perfect designer jumpsuit. Once you have figured that out, your task of narrowing down on a particular silhouette becomes much more easy. If you are tiny and petite, look for silhouettes that have vertical stripes as their print and rompers will be much more suitable for this body type. For someone who is tall and thin, avoid picking up a silhouette that sticks to your body like a second skin, which will tend to make you look much taller than usual. For someone who is on the healthier side, don’t be afraid to wear jumpsuits… you can opt for silhouettes that have a fit and flare feel with flared legs and a straighter body. This will in turn make your body look much straighter and well in shape than out of it.

However, to nail any look for the day, the key to pulling off any look is to radiate sheer confidence. If you feel confident, if you feel beautiful from within, there is nothing holding you back from looking and feeling beautiful from outside as well! But that does not mean you step out of the house without accessorising your look! Another important factor to help finish your look is by accessorising it with either jewellery, handbag, a pair of sunnies a hat or a scarf. While most looks demand all  of them together, people often tend to go overboard with the look. Keep the look simple yet classy and chic by opting for jewelry that is a perfect balance of loud yet subtle. When it comes to picking jewellery you can accessorise with almost anything in your box, however, don’t forget to balance the look by keeping either earrings or necklace minimal with the other one being a statement piece. Opt for a scarf or a hat according to the day’s heat. Someone has rightly said, that if a woman has the perfect pair of footwear, she’s ready to rock the world! Whether you want to go for wedges, heels, sneakers or oxfords, don’t forget to try at least 2 pair of your favourite footwear, this will help you give you a better opinion and make your task of getting dressed  much easier… afterall, a second opinion always counts!


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