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Useful Strategies to Prevent Burglary at Your Business Store


As a business owner, especially if you own a retail store, there are things the can be more damaging to your business against burglary. While incremental theft such as shoplifting can be assessed quickly before it causes huge damage, but a break-in burglary can completely ruin your whole year of revenues in just one night.

Fortunately, some preparations can be done to defend your business or your retail store against burglary. Besides, this is an easy and simple process that Security Experts in Australia can assist you with.

Take a look at the below tactics this article has listed, understand the following strategies fully whether you need to enhance your security needs.

List of Equipment-Based Strategies

See below list of equipment-based strategies that can help to fight against burglary:

  1. Alarm System

When it comes to burglary and theft, it is difficult to beat the protection offered by a professionally-installed burglary alarm system. Most of these alarm systems have different pieces of equipment that can alert you to a malicious intrusion and can help you notify the authorities right away.

Below are the following types of equipment that are usually included in an alarm system:

  • Motion Detection: This equipment is capable of detecting someone or an unwanted person who trespasses on your store or property.
  • Glass Break Detection: This equipment is capable of identifying a certain frequency when a glass breaks, or if they sense a similar frequency then the alarm will be triggered.
  • Door Contacts: It tells a security system if certain doors or windows are open or closed. The other piece of the equipment is installed on the door, while the other one is attached to the door frame. If these two pieces are separated with each other, an alarm will be triggered and will alert you that someone trespass your property
  • Video Verification: It is a monitoring service in which your chosen security systems, guard services and private investigators provider uses a motion-activated video camera on your property to confirm if an alarm was triggered by the trespasser.
  1. Install a CCTV (Video Surveillance System)

This equipment-based security strategy will enable you to detect and record any unwanted happenings to your property. It also records the burglar’s actions inside your property and might even help you to identify the culprit which helps the authorities in finding and convicting the burglars. Also, video surveillance footage can give you visual proof of evidence to make a certain insurance claim.

  1. Access Control System

This equipment-based security enables you to manage any person who has access to your property. As a retailer owner or as a business owner, you want your customers to have access to your sales floor, however, it doesn’t mean they need to have access to your merchandise room. With the help of card readers enabling access to your store after business hours, an additional reader enabling access to your merchandise or stock rooms during and after business hours will be added as a security measure against theft and burglary.

Moreover, if burglars use a certain card to enter your retail or business store against the correct entry, you’ll know right away whose employee’s card was used. This can help you to identify the burglars.


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