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Which Is Better Between Nest And Arlo?


There are so many types of outdoor cameras out there today and they all claim to be among the best. However, it is unfortunate that only very few of them can be trusted to deliver the desired quality. If this is the first time you will be purchasing outdoor cameras, you may get confused about the one to choose among them. This is why you should consider buying either Arlo or Nest. The two are great products that will give you good value for money. In this write-up, you will have access to Nest vs Arlo review that can help you to choose between the two types.

Which is the better?

The Arlo product is considered by many as the best of all the available outdoor cameras by many. The outdoor camera is convincing in many ways. For one, it comes with a 4K resolution that produces sharp images thereby helping you to properly see who is within your premises at any particular time.  Additionally, the outdoor camera comes with a colored night vision that enables you to see the images clearer even in the night.  The camera has a 180 degree Field of View that enables it to capture a wide space on your premises.  The camera equally comes with several other top-quality specs that make it one of the bets cameras money can buy.

Something from Google

If you are a fan of Google, then you should consider buying the Nest outdoor camera.  It is a solid option among the many types of cameras out there today and it will give you good value for money.  The camera is regularly updated and is built on unique software. it comes with a highly intelligent facial recognition feature and  this is one feature you can rarely find in any other outdoor camera out there today.

Comparison of Nest vs Arlo

  • All models of the Arlo outdoor camera are wireless, while only the Nest Cam IQ is the only one with wireless feature.
  • Both the Nest and Arlo types of outdoor cameras  come with live stream feature
  • Both types also feature two-way talk so that you can communicate with that stranger at your door.
  • In terms of resolution, Arlo comes with a far better resolution, which is as high as 4K resolution. Nest, on the other hand, comes with a rather low resolution, which is only 1080p.
  • Furthermore, Arlo has a wider field of view than Nest; the latter only boasts of 130 degree field of view, unlike the former that boasts of as wide as 180 degree field of view.
  • Arlo comes with color night vision,  while Nest only features black & white night vision
  • Arlo has LED spotlight, which is absent in Nest.


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