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Your Options for the best Dress for the Events


Almost every one of us can be dressed appropriately for etiquette, situation, and setting Secular rout requires a special outfit. Image expert of the “Dressing room dress up” program the expert advises how to choose an evening dress. For the klänningar fest this is important.

The choice of evening dresses is diverse. And it is the mistress of the evening who sets the dress code, which guests will stick to. However, when choosing an evening dress, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • right size
  • suitable color range
  • appropriate style and length
  • personal feeling

The choice of evening dress for a start, it is important to determine what you want. For example, a cocktail black dress made of guipure with a decollete, which is demonstrated very unobtrusively at the expense of the grid. In this embodiment, it is not necessary to hang diamonds or jewelry they are redundant if you want to focus on the neckline. A flirtatious handbag, which is called a minudier, perfectly fits this evening variant (it holds what you need and looks impressive).

Cocktail Dress

If the party is planned in such a way that there will be dances, in a cocktail dress that is built as a case, it will be inconvenient to move. Therefore, the flying skirt line is important. And here the decoration is a clutch with a scattering of precious stones. You will also be able to find the dansskor now.

Abstract geometry is in fashion, so an interesting dress will be with a corset-type bodice and an open shoulder line. Dress in a very interesting shade – the color that we call “cocoa” or “cocoa with milk.” This dress is a background. It should be in the wardrobe of every woman, but depending on the type of jewelry it will sound either solemnly or businesslike. Therefore, the option of a necklace imitating the theme of pearls and flower motif is of great importance here.

Suppose the years have taken their toll, and the waistline has lost its maiden slimness. Then we will not fix our eyes on this line, and turn this dress into a cut with a slightly high waistline. For more solemnity, you can use the effect of petticoats, but here it is important to remember that the colors you choose in the area of ​​the accessory group should not distract attention from the shade of the dress. Here you can not take pure open colors like red, yellow, green. It is very important to keep the soft tonality, it is then that the image is respectable, elegant, status and expensive.


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